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I am Transformed with ! Face Paint Makeup!!!

4:21 PMprazillo Lemon

…that after a great tour around for the day , you want something totally different and that has been happening to me lately. All skin are the same to me, it either comes with pale, tan, sun kissed etc but when you have a huge variety of makeup option then you are good. What about a skin you bought and didn’t like the outcome, a good tattoo layer makeup will do all the magic.

! Face Paint Blogger 010

! Face Paint Blogger 009! Face Paint Blogger 008! Face Paint Blogger 007! Face Paint Blogger 006


I feel that way today when I was given this makeup option from !FACE PAINT and I totally love the makeup option and it is a total transform for your look, it gives you a well defined lip and the makeup for the eye are just appropriate.I am in the Love with this new makeup line !Face Paint and it is a “MOST” have for every woman to spice up your makeup collections and it works perfect with majority of skins.

! Face Paint Blogger011

! Face Paint Blogger 005! Face Paint Blogger 004! Face Paint Blogger 003! Face Paint Blogger 002

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