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22769 Casual Couture - Gallery Gift Shop, Men.Select,Depraved Spring Madness And March Group Gift!!!

12:03 AMprazillo Lemon

...that here is another exciting time with 22769 Casual Couture, as always lot of great stuff and fun at  same time while shopping and enjoying every bit of your Second Life.  This week we have lot of Special Sales and Events  and never a dull moment.
P.S I will attach texture for the men so they also see what they will be getting.

                     *** SPECIAL SALES/EVENTS ***

 First on the List is "The Gallery Gift Shop "

The topic for this event is called "Gallery" and two exhibition suits were created based on that. One s a featherish suit for the guys and the other is an exhibition pant suit for the girls. This is available now till 15th April.

Landmark to the Gallery Gift Shop:

# Mens.Select

A new cycle of mens.select has already starts . This time  a parkahoodie sugarskull was created for this event.
Landmark to Men.Select:

 *** HUNTS ***
 A Depraved Spring Madness Hunt 2.0 which runs from 15th March 2012 - 15th April 2012. A pant was created for the guys and the ladies get a shorts. I will attach poster for the men since I don't want to be dressed as a guy :-)

 For more on the Hunt, check webpage: www.depravednation.com
Hunters  will be looking for an ice hockey puck, an ear plug? a small zylinder.

HUNT HINTS: (like always)
Slap the orange hintgiver on our events wall for current hint - it whispers in open chat.

As the tradition at 22769 Casual Couture , every 15th of the month a new group gift is out . Weee - A sunny outfit was created, a maritim outfit for the boys and for the girls.

The gift became sent out yesterday via group - but of course people can join any time the group and slap the group gift vendor at the landing point for receiving the item.

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