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...that I have been away for real life reason but now I am back!!. Will use this medium to wish all my readers, friends and loved ones a lovely New Year and Goodies all the way.
Good News from 22769 Casual Couture about sales and event that the Ladies  and Guys will love.

The FLUX (Taxidermie) Sales Event which is both for male and female is a new themed event which will run from 1st March and the theme this month is taxidermie. ( I had to google this word : Taxidermy is the art of giving the appearance of living animals dead) so what we are expected to see more in this events are animal patterns, horns, antlers, hooves and fur etc . For the women 22796 created the fancy taxidermie outfit which contains editable mesh parts with matching reptile boots.

For the gentlemen  a gorgeous and elegant Reptile coat was created.
More information : FLUX WEBSITE
The next event is the Mens.Select which mainly for the Gentlemen only and 22769 is offering a pair of black leather pants with snake pattern with belt and cuffs.

The FTLO Black Market (cycle 5) is the first event : And for the Ladies we have these awesome Red Patterned Ankle boots for just 100 L$. The boots contain mesh parts - so you need a mesh enabled viewer to see them properly. Also in the Black Market sales are these two lovely flower leggins perfect for spring which is sold for 40 L$ each.

Note this event will run for the whole of March so ensure you go pick up your items.

*** HUNTS ***
The favorite hunt which is Steam the Hunt  rolls over the grid again and this starts from 1st March 2012  through 31st March 2012.
With the theme of this hunt, And with every steam hunt  dieselpunkish version is made of a comic superhero.This time 22769 gave the norse god THOR a little steamish treatment.
webpage: http://historicalhunts.blogspot.com/
Hunters are looking for a cogwheel
HUNTHINTS: (like always)
Slap the orange hintgiver on our events wall for current hint - it whispers in open chat.
To celebrate the Steampunkhunt a crafted steampunk skyhome was also created which is offered at 10Ls only till 10th March. Hurry over!!!

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