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12:59 PMprazillo Lemon

For 37 years the Ronald McDonald House has been committed to helping families of children who are in need of more than medicine and treatments.  Providing a stable environment during hospital visits and treatments, gives children and their parents a loving approach to healing.  Our family learned the value of RMH personally, July 10, 2009.  My niece, Libby Claire not even two years of age,  took a very bad fall while on vacation.  If you would like to read the story, Caringbridge holds it all.

go to the journal and read oldest to newest.  One thing I remember from that time is the call, saying Libby may not make it.  Over time I am happy to say Libby has bloomed into quite a beautiful girl.  During the battle, RMH opened their doors, hearts, and love to her parents and siblings.  They were able to be with Libby through it all.  I will never be able to tell you what a blessing that was.  RMH will always remain precious to our family, and during the recent opening of the new Charlotte, NC RMH Libby was even asked to be a spokes model Shes appeared on billboards and a variety of advertisements.  

It is by far an honor to give back to RMH in any method we can.   If you have ever had the need for RMH, you too will know they are there when you need them.  No questions asked.  That is why I would like to take this opportunity to give back.  No child should have to battle any illness or treatment alone.  That hug, touch or smile from family is healing too!

So what are we doing?


There will be a charity Fashion show with several of Second Lifes top models, along with a wonderful auction.  All monies raised will go directly to the Ronald McDonald House Charity.  Direct donation boxes will also be onsite, Mementos, as well as a set of extended auction boards will be set up.

  Auction items will open directly AFTER the fashion show is closed. The show will include the one of a kind designs and many other items to be auctioned off.  Auction boards will be open for FIVE (5) hours from the opening time.    This gives everyone the opportunity to bid.    Due to rarity of the one of a kind designs, and high value of the Model McDonald Boxes,  the winners of those items will have delivery directly from the show promotions agent Michela Benazzi.

We hope you will enjoy this event and that you will give generously.  This is a world wide charity and it is our hope you will continue supporting RMH within your community for a long time!

So here is a preview of the some of the items to be auctioned:


Womens  Gift (Gold neck cuff with stars, Gold cuff with Stars) by BroganCael Resident of Brogan Cael Design 1 OF A KIND     

J&W Jewelers Dru Erin Collection Dark Ruby



                                   CLOTHING ITEMS---FEMALE

!!! L+N Signature - Bloody Poppy Dress !!! by Love Fiertze of L+N Designs NOT YET RELEASED

!!! L+N Signature - Habergeon Female Outfit !!! by Love Fiertze of L+N Designs NOT YET RELEASED

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