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Some Mothers Do Have Them!!! - Crazy Day with Ziggy and Crews !!!

11:03 AMprazillo Lemon

…that in this small world called Second Life , some find their day to be boring while others are always been entertained and never a dull moment. I have a friend Ziggy who is a special character lol he is unique in his own ways and have always been. You need to understand him a lot and have all the patience in the word to be able to communicate with him and he is a good guy despite all these his crazy self lol.

Yesterday I decided to pay him a visit since it has been a while and I wasn't sad for once, I was laughing all through the day because of the comments and the nonchalant ways everyone seem to be like it was a normal occurrence. I displayed some of the photo I took here in the blog. The bar you see is full of crazy poses and my warning is this : If you are a decent girl please don't go near Ziggy you will become bad see he taught me how to smoke within a space of time (though I wont say I am decent :-D) but that is a serious warning. Now back to business, the poses for the bar can make you do crazy things like seen with Nicolle lol and also the bar has a way of attracting these lovely girls who call themselves "bitches" wow.

I had a fun day and was never bored and Like the saying Some Mothers Do Have Them. Go figure the rest !!!.

Boots: N-core EUPHORIA 
Top :BB Saskia - Magenta/orange ( House of Beningborough)
Pants: BB Sateen pants -Magenta
Hair :"LoQHair" Pudding ( Past TDRB )
Earring :Finesmith Hara Earrings

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