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A Visit to the Jungle - Ziggy and Crews Part 2

3:09 PMprazillo Lemon

...that Last time I blogged about my friend Ziggy when I said he can be a pain in the neck and ass, well I wasn't wrong, he is actually a pain. I have been all day trying to blog the Danielle Lynxa Gown and Ziggy just keep asking me to come visit him in the jungle!!!. He just wouldnt stop, so after my photos decided to pay him another visit and see what his jungle life is about today.

This is Ziggy Jungle Life today, Jungle Lust is the name of this Jungle and the scenario for me was awesome, I love the concept of everything here in just a skybox but it was really lovely and not a surprise for me to see Ziggy with his crews as usual all dressed up in Jungle Seductive clothes.Seem Second Life is a bliss for these set of residents, Ziggy is the popular Tanzan and it seems Tarzan is having a fun weekend LOL. And You know the wonderful thing I discovered today also : those boobs of Barbie actually do move and Ziggy responded that this is the advancement in computer technology to get moving boobs.. Wow Second Life is going way ahead.

And here comes my friend Marsha, all dressed as Eve to seduce Adam LOL... and I wonder wat she is doing in the jungle all alone without Adam. But she does looks very lovely in her jungle attire.

And as the Queen in the Jungle, I had to take some few shot of myself since I cannot stop taking photos of the Danielle Lynxa Gown.

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