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Its all in the COLORS!!! with PRISM and F I N E S M I T H

11:03 PMprazillo Lemon

...that Summer is just around the corner and everywhere in Second Life is all colorful, beautiful and gorgeous. The designers have also gone full bloom in colors and what awesome taste in colors they do have. I have been feeling lazy today put with the latest designs from F I N E S M I T H and Prism Clothing Design i just had to blog sometime even when telling myself I wont leave my SL home, but all the same I got it all out from my small home and here it is.

Prism Clothing Design has a latest release called CINDY which is all mesh and so cute that I had to throw away my house casual wear and stick with this till I get tired, but I don't see that happening anytime soon, because I love the feel of the pleated skirt to my hips and it moves so well with my body. This is an absolute 'IT' for me.

Another awesome  mesh outfit also from Prism Clothing Design is called Yoko, this is my first long mesh skirt and I am so thrilled by it. It hugs my  hips and gives me this awesome shape and the tube top is thumbs up for me. Perfect for the season!

F I N E S M I T H released these gorgeous earrings and necklace that I wore with Prism Yoko and that is not the only thing she has been releasing all week, she has been releasing non stop and I haven't been able to catch up with her, but so you all don't miss the great stuff happening, I am showing the new release item called F I N E S M I T H - FOLIEOLE which is out in gorgeous colors and a perfect set for your ensembles. Its available in various lovely colors.

Since Last week, F I N E S M I T H  has been releasing these gorgeous earrings as seen below and it was also available for sales, just to tell you to join the group so you don't miss out on these awesome offers and group members get discounts on all new release. Join the Group now!!!

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  1. Wonderful styling Zillo! And you are so gorgeous in both outfits - Cindy and Yoko. Thank you so much for featuring Prism. I am thrilled! xoxo Journey

  2. thanks so much Journey, highly appreciated and it also a great and awesome design and between best Mesh short skirt i have.


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