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New Sexy Vicky Shape from *~* SHAPES by Gia Tyles *~*

8:51 AMprazillo Lemon

...that I recently met Gia Tyles who is the designer behind *~* SHAPES by Gia Tyles *~* and we talked a bit, she gave me the Vicky Shape and I was very excited, when I wore it, I was amazed because it was a totally different prazillo which I am used to, this shape was shorter and had all the right curves and that made me so excited.Most times I go out to see some of my friends , they complain that my avatar was too tall especially the guys LOL but here I am with a shorter me and I absolutely love it, when i don't need that glamazon shape of a model and want to be that girl from the next door, this is my perfect shape and I have been all around the grid in this shape and it feels good.

Trust me a new shape with awesome hips makes you want to dare all those sexy pants and tops and I have been doing just that :-). The scarf I am wearing below called Silk DJ Scarf is also from .::GIA::. Hurry over and go check all the wonderful stuff she has in her store  and she is also available at the marketplace.

P.S Shapes can be modified.

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