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Paper Boat in Paper Sea by Khyle Sion @ Fantasy Faire 2012

11:20 PMprazillo Lemon

...that the Fantasy Faire is now officially open to everyone and like the phase for the event "Let the Story Begin ... " , this has been a most exciting experience for me :-) over this few days I have stepped on a lot of fairies unknowing and in the period also I have become a fairy myself. Lot of new stuff I have no idea existed in Second Life and was the most exciting period to get to know others all in the cause to help. I am happy I was here this time and we hope to raise more awareness while helping others through excitement, experience, fun and most especially shopping !!!. 

My first item to display is from  Refined Wild which was made specially for this year Relay For Life  and it is the Paper Boats in a Paper Sea. I love the artist idea Khyle came up with, because it is very interactive and you are able to PERSONALIZE your paper boat with a MESSAGE.You can customize it with a story, poem,drawing, secret,quote , whatever you have to say. and send the boat to
Khyle Sion to display them for the event which when fully displayed will most definitely be awesome. And good news is at the end of the Faire you get your boat back with a wonderful surprise.

If you love ART and you want to also help the cause, be among the first to have their paper boat in the paper sea floating for this great cause!!!.


I searched for the right words to help me start my new excitement and only these poetic words from Amera sounded good at the time. So here it is !!!.

The faeries come at evening light,
the little ones that dance at night.
The magic spells play in my mind,
when love and motion is combined.

When little elves are in my sight,
the faeries come at evening light.
They dance around and cause no harm;
these dancing creatures have a charm.

The evil ones are unaware;
they’ll never catch them in their snare.
The faeries come at evening light
and play their music so contrite.

If you believe then you will see,
it happens Oh so magically.
So come and dance with them tonight,
the faeries come at evening light.

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