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Relaxation and Adventure at Fantasy Faire with Roawenwood and Yabusaka!!!

8:15 PMprazillo Lemon

...that the Fantasy Faire ( Relay for Life) is still very much on and it such a big event with 9 breath taking sims designed specially, and I haven't been for once exhausted in the entire process.
For those who need some relaxation, nice place to drink some water and eat something, Roawenwood  has some lovely items to help you relax your nerves and not totally get freaked out because 9 sims is not a small adventure to pursue.
 The item for the Relay for Life vendor, you can see in the photo below which is the {RW} Twisted Summonings RP Set in Purple  (perfect set for role play) and {RW} Quiet Moments Cushions Set in Purple Velvet and also you will find lot of other items.

Be sure to check out the nice sofa's and lovely lamp to decorate your garden or quiet place in your home.

From Yabusaka comes this sword, in two colors Blue and Gold. The beauty of the sword is you get to draw and sheath the sword , perfect for role play fighting. Pls don't go cutting people up :-) instead have fun with them.

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