Sexy and Vivacious Latin Dress By G & T Creations

9:26 PMprazillo Lemon

 ...that from G&T Creations comes another bold, sexy and gorgeous gown called Santina Latin dance  ballroom dress in ice blue color. This short mini gown evokes the mysterious beauty of a dancer. It comes with may options to wear, either as a strapless  sexy gown or with a beaded one shoulder strap. The stole material of the gown gives this style an undeniably Grecian feel. 

For the Men, it is also an excitement to dance along side your woman wearing this elegant and exotic style shirts and pants also from G&T  called Salvatore  in ice blue color. 

Woman :
Gown : G&T Creations Santina Latin dance  ballroom dress in ice blue
Hair : !*Bliss Hair*! Angelina Hair - Vanille
Lips Makeup : blackLiquid MAKEUP - kabuki red matte
Shoes: G&T Creations FAY Heels Blue
Earring : "R.A.Crystal"*Belly* Earrings Blue
Nail: CCD - Long Nails + Ring - Magnifique - Bordeaux
Skin : -Glam Affair - Linn Valentine Skin

Tops and Pants : G&T Salvatore  in ice blue
Skin :LaVie Damiani #2 Soft Shade Tan
Shoes : G&T Creations Santana Boots Black

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