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Casual, Simple And Gorgeous is all about CHLOE !!!

10:25 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I received a very lovely package from princesacindy bravitz the designer of [Chloe] and I am  new to this design, but the surprise was when I rezzed the items I knew I just wanted to wear them and that I did. I am not disappointed the least bit and the outfit are awesome, great for casual and perfect for that simple and gorgeous look without to much outfits and items on, the textures are awesome I just love it all!.

And if you are a great fan of mini(s), mini dresses, mini pants, mini skirts and so on and you like it simple you have a new designer in town and good news most of the outfit are  MESH!!!. Lot of nice gifts in shop also.

Pic 1
Dress : [Chloe] - Dress Julia
Shoe : [Chloe] - Pumps Melissa Mesh White

Pic 2
Top : [Chloe] - Top Marie Yellow
Skirt : [Chloe] - Skirt Sami Red
Shoe : [Chloe] - Pumps Melissa Mesh Black

Both Pic
Earrings : [ glow ] studio Old Clara gold Earrings TDR
Bracelet : [ glow ] studio - Brass nut bracelet (cream-black)(TDR)
Skin : 'le masque' dior - Exclusive skin tone and make-up TDR
Hair : 3636 Ivanka-Black
Nail : F I N E S M I T H French Nails
Poses : ::Ks2cool:: 

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