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cStar Limited @ ASHRAYA Project and [sYs] and F I N E S M I T H New items !!!!!!

7:29 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I  see Second Life really do embrace the cause to help people even though this is a virtual world , we still reach out to those outside this world and I am really proud to become to a member of this group. Ashraya Project started with Anna Sapphire and it is a good cause to help children from Indian and the interview about the cause is here for those who want to understand more what the project is all about. Ashraya Project is going to run through till June 4th and Lots of designers are giving all their best to help this cause.

 cStar Limited is one of such designers and this Chocolate skin called cStar Limited -Mamba which is perfect for that extraordinary look is the donation for this great cause. If you haven't been there, go check it out and also lot of awesome event and activities to keep you all excited .
 I Love this outfits from [sYs] Designs called [sYs] CASSIOPE - long dress which comes  from the Spring collection and has the Black and white combination and it is  also Mesh !!.

 F I N E S M I T H  Back to Nature has a new scandals  the BACK TO NATURE WILD SANDALS  which completes the Back to Nature set we already saw in previous post. But I know Yula is not tired, she will come up with more exciting and gorgeous pieces to always add to a set, she never runs out of idea. So always stay tuned!!

Dress : [sYs] CASSIOPE - long dress (white & black)
Skin : cStar Limited - Mamba Skin - Ashraya Project
Hair : "LoQ Hairs" Ouzo - Ash Black
Necklace : FINESMITH - Kirin's poem necklace brown - Ashraya Project

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