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Going Back to Nature with F I N E S M I T H Plus Here comes the Sun Necklace for 100L until 6pm SLT

9:07 PMprazillo Lemon

...that we have been in civilization too long and sometimes we forget the natural things, well F I N E S M I T H is sending us on a trip to the safari, back to nature with these new exotic and unique set which will  add a dash of style savvy to your ensemble  with these stunning and iridescent volcanic earring, necklace, collars, helmet, bracelets and pipe.

When I saw these set I was completely lost with words and it says a lot about where I am from which is good things.That tells me in those days we still do have nicer jewelries even though it was made from gold, wood, trunks of animals.. these are most surely exotic and is a definite "IT" with me.

P.S -  To complete the set for HERE COMES THE SUN  is the necklace which is a combination of MESH technology and prim. This new necklace will be offered in 24 different color for 100L  from now till 6PM SLT, today May 1st. So hurry over and get this awesome offer!

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