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9:58 PMprazillo Lemon

...that if you want something  to wear for a date, or you want something totally diffferent from what you have in your inventory, or Linden has taken all your cash and left you with 20L as the case has been since the maintenance :-)  well DK Design has a solution,you can get this gorgeous one shoulder strap  gown which features ruffles ruching at the top of the bodice and the hem of the gown. This gown in turquoise is available for 10L only at DK Designs and is perfect for a date or dance with your love one.

For that simple walk in the park or you want to be casual and meet with friends, another lovely gown  which features a tank inspired bodice  with an amazing fit  to create that sultry look and the skirt which coordinating perfectly with the structure of the bodice is also available at DK Designs subscribo as a gift. DK designs ensure to meet your need and you will still be looking gorgeous and sophisticated.

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