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Lili's Couture Elegant Dresses - Eros and Dolce!!!

10:36 PMprazillo Lemon

...that it is a beautiful day and what better time for a romantic dance. It been a very long time I had a dance in Second Life, it use to be a regular thing for me. Well this perfect full-length evening dress  from Lili's Couture Collections is a true stunner, thanks to the myriad of colored pattern that adorn this gorgeous dresses. Lili's Eros features an halter neck bodice  and full length skirt which sweep to the floor in wonderful motions.

Lili's Dolce is an elegant deep neckline dress starting with a cross neck strap, that then spin around to the back, intertwining with ribbons which exposed the back and shoulders.The skirt comes in a sexy open slit that shows off your gorgeous legs.

Pic 1
Dress:Lili's Eros Gown with Matching Heals Sculpted Nails , Makeup & Bracelets
Skin:[sYs] KELIS skin ()
Shoes : Lili's Spring Heal Shoes
Bracelet : Lili's Wrist Bracelet
Makeup: Lili's Dark Nior Eyeshadow & Eros Lavendar Full Coverage Lipgloss
Bag:Ricielli Mesh - Cowhide Tote Leather Bag (hand)//python

Pic 2 
Gown: Lili's Dolce Honey Gown
Shoes: Lili's Golden Disco  Shoes
Hair: Osmose - Marquise/Soil
Skin: [sYs] KELIS skin
Makeup:Lili's Dark Nior Eyeshadow & Hot Pink Full Coverage Lipgloss

Poses : Miamai Model Pose_Traveller

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