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A Mesh War Between What I Love to Wear and My Best Shape

12:17 AMprazillo Lemon

...that with the evolution of mesh all around Second Life, designers are working so hard to make mesh a wonderful experience for all resident and you will see the hard work they actually put into it.  And for the resident, they also have a lot to do about what they wear and how it turns out. From first post you will say ohh lovely outfit in photos, but a lot of hiding and stuff have done into this.
There are  still some exceptions for me with the Mesh clothing and I know this is also affecting others out there also.

I walk into my best jeans store and get a new pair of jeans which is all Mesh and I have this gorgeous shape which is a no modify shape and I don't want to ever let go of that shapes because the face is so perfect and I love the shape the way it is.

Wearing my gorgeous mesh jeans I see some skin showing where they should be jeans, or when I use my AO  I see my skin breaking out of my jeans, then I decide ohh I am not wearing the right size and I pick a bigger size jeans only to discover I am floating in some space, holes or gap in between like the jeans don't fit. Now I begin to wonder, I don't want to get this jeans off because I love it and I don't want to get the shape  off as well because I love that also, I am torn between what to let go and what best to do in order to wear both.

For me this has become a constant war for me, as you can see in the post, I have other shapes to wear to make this a perfect outfit, but I love this shape, now I begin to think, they should be a way to edit Mesh clothes just like we use to edit our prim clothes because not all designers are going to get everyone shapes, and  same time I think why cant I edit this shape, but I bought the shape no modify and I always got the jeans as a mesh which comes with only precise shapes ... Now big question  What do I do ?

I will really Love an answer for this seriously because I am torn between getting Mesh outfit and trying to match them with Shapes, I know the question of wearing the demo is there but must we buy items just for specific shapes and sizes.Why don't we take the good stuffs from the old and mix and flavor that with the new stuffs; we should have a way to edit mesh because the designers cant go around SL trying to satisfy all residents and also same for most of us the resident , we wont be satisfied with having to wear precise standard shapes that comes with each outfit  especially for those ladies with bigger sizes, hips and busts and  I believe some of these little stuffs makes Second Life an interesting place to be.

If anyone has got an answer to this Mesh War between the shape and what to wear, please let me on it!

Jeans : (CM) Bootcut Jeans MESH (blue)@ FaMESHed
Top : (CM) Retro Tank (subscriber gift) 
Bag :(Milk Motion) My little leather bag (plaid) @ TDRB
Ring : F I N E S M I T H- Here comes the sun - Ring
Nails : F I N E S M I T H Nails -  French Aqua
Hair : Osmose - Marquise
Shape : cStar - Mamba Shape
Bracelet : [ glow ] studio - Brass nuts breacelet (black) @ Past TDR
Earrings : [ glow ] studio Old Clara Gold/colors Earrings  @Past TDR
 Lip Makeup : blackLiquid MAKEUP - blue jeans gloss 1
Eye Shadow : blackLiquid MAKEUP - blue glitter shaddow
Scandals  : [PM] Pixel Mode: Subscriber Gift ( New)

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