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Skyrocket your confidence with Lillou's Design - [LD] Scandelicious

11:17 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I just received this lovely gown as a gift from Lillou Merlin and I am so proud to show it off here in my post , since we just finished the Fantasy Faire think I am still in the mood for a princess. The high intricate detailing of this gorgeous gown by Lillou's Design called [LD] Scandelicious in Pink is sure  to leave you breathless and will must definitely blow you away! 

This design features a one shoulder lavish applique of ornate floral embroidered accents that run up along the one shoulder strap and the bodice  and you can see this gorgeous embellishment also spreading below the fitted waistband and extend partway down layers of fine, soft lacey material which float elegantly to the floor on the skirt. This gown comes with a wing as seen in the post. For that angelic appearance here is your wings!

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