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Springs comes in Style with [sYs] Designs !!!

2:28 AMprazillo Lemon

...that for the past days I have been struggling to stay on in Second Life seem I have been in someone bad book and who ever I have offended I am sorry I wont do it again. LOL. Well it been a hard time trying to take any photos here in Second Life guess as a result of the Scheduled maintenance going on with Linden and it been a frustrating moment to just take a single shot. Well I finally succeed to take some and too tired to edit since I have been on these photos for over 6 hrs, to even get my inventory to load that is if i don't crash and start all over again. But that what we all love about Second life and we keep coming for more :-).

[sYs] Designs has an awesome spring collection which totally set the pace for others in the cyber and avant garde fashion and you are sure to score high as a fashionista wearing these sophisticated outfit. What I totally love about this design and why it is definitely an IT for me is the fact that it can be worn in various forms as a mix and match and you still step out looking effortlessly stylish.

Pic 1
Jacket :[sYs] VEGA - jacket  (white Ska)
Skirt: [sYs] ASCELLA - long skirt
Eyeglasses: [sYs] ALCANE - sunglasses

Pic 2
Top:[sYs] ALTAIS - bodysuit
Pants: [sYs] ATLAS - sarouel (white Ska)
Earring:[sYs] AQUARIUS - earring

Shoes: [sYs] VOGUE boots
Rings: F I N E S M I T H - Here comes the sun
Skin: -Glam Affair - Leah - Fantasy Line  TDR
Jacket:[sYs] VEGA - jacket (white Ska)
Hair: * Baiastice-Billy hair attachment
Nails: F I N E S M I T H French Nails

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