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Ziggy and the SPANKED Biker Bitch Motorcycle

10:30 PMprazillo Lemon

...that Ziggy has started another of his crazy episode, Ziggy is one guy I have met in Second Life who has done a lot , seen a lot and been everywhere. This is a guy who I have seen can date and partner a woman as many times in a week and wont stop getting new women every week. But beside all this he has a kind heart which is so unbelievable.

Oh that much said so he wont be swearing and growing a big head LOL, I was live modelling at HOB as usual and Ziggy buzz me telling me to come see something exciting and fun, I just totally ignored him but he is always a very very persistent man, he send me a photo of himself and that just did it for me.

I took the teleport he sent immediately to go see things for myself and this is so true LOL.

For those who will find this Bike really interesting, I took the notice from the board for those who need more information.
Words from the Creator Note card :
This product is the SPANKED Biker Bitch Motorcycle, and it's available for $500. Its permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.
 Hello and thank you for your interest in the SPANKED Biker Bitch Bike. I am NOT a bike builder however this idea struck me and I just had to do it HAHA! It is my hope you get as much enjoyment out of this bike as I had making it. ♥♡♥♡♥

The Bitch you can ride.... All Night Long!

This bike comes with:

Mesh Avatar Slave Frame
Mesh German Helmet
Sculpted wheels, bars, seat, controls and fender
 KCP ACS Scripted
 Adjustable camera & handling
 Unlockable (allows others to drive it)
 Seats 2
 Driver HUD
 FREE Updates for LIFE!
 ***PG Version Included***

 Note: This is an 18 prim bike with a Land Impact of 33. 

Here is Landmark to SPANKED Biker Bitch Motorcycle

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