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22769 CASUAL COUTURE - Group Gift, New Releases, Depraved Summer Love Hunt and Gallery Gift Hunt & ArisAris Summer Festival

10:45 PMprazillo Lemon

...that we have more news  and update from 22769 Casual Couture. Summer is just around the corner  and what better place to get all the items and stuffs you need for summer.

First is the Group Gift to warm you up for the events to unfold. And this month group gift, no clothing is required, the group gift is a meshed (not rigged) beach bag ( which includes the flip flop and a rolled paper) and a beach walker flip flops. This is a most exciting items to make your beach  experience fun all the way.

For the Hunt Items : The Depraved Summer Love Hunt which is currently running  from 15. June - 15. July features a special edition hot pant for the ladies.

For more on the hunt: check here : http://depravednation.com/depraved-summer-love

Next is The Gallery Gift Shop  ,  For this event, the women get the complete new Kate Dress at the Gallery Gift Shop.

Finally is the ArisAris Summer Fashion Festival,  The event runs from 8th June through 24 June. If you haven't been there then you have some few days more. A complete new Catherine Dress in six different color is available.
More on the Festival Check here : http://thesummerfashionfestival.blogspot.com.es/

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