[Chloe] Designer's Wardrobe


9:40 PMprazillo Lemon

...that another fair is here again and this is another exciting one especially for those who love colors. Gone are those days when someone wears lot of colors and the next word that comes out from our mouth was "Color Riot", now this day it is called "Color Block" and I love the name. This makes us want to explore our inner self and bring out all the color in us,this event is the perfect one to do this.

[Chloe] is out with lot of wonderful items for this event and she never stops surprising me. I absolutely love her items and they each have a great sexiness about them. A corset for that sexy top, jacket or pants is available in different colors. another is the lovely Romper suit. Oh and ensure to take a trip there and also lot more coming from the Color Blocking Fair.

[Chloe] Nanaa Corset

More Colors for the Nanaa Corset.

[Chloe] Romper

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