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PRISM CLOTHING DESIGNS - Is at it's Best !!!

1:55 PMprazillo Lemon

...that it has been a long and agonizing week for me when you go and make some bad decision thinking you have made a good one. I opted for  something I thought was a better internet provider and ending up crying and mourning everyday when I have to re log like 30 times a day. My friends on my friend list  must be wondering what the hell is wrong with prazillo Lemon.. but that what happened when you are addicted to something and you made a bad choice along the way. Hopefully my problems will be resolved.

To spice my weekend I decided to go with Prism Clothing Designs, it has a way of warning my heart and putting a smile on my face. I will show you the designs so far. First is Prism*Blossoms , what better way to go for a totally gorgeous and sleek look in a cocktail dress. This strapless dress  with ruffles at the top of the bodice and hemline is fitted with a regal look for your special event. It is comprised of a brocade-like fabric that is gilded for a shimmering look. This is a sophisticated look that has a touch of sparkle, making it ideal for the girl who wants something traditional with a twist. This dress has a modest hemline and it comes with this gorgeous hat to match the look.

To get yourself all engrossed in merry old time is another sophisticated and utterly brilliant  gown also from Prism Design called the Prism* Sequoia! I am most certainly in love with the texture of this eye popping gown. It features a slanted one shoulder neckline and the dress fits closely to ensure a dramatic and lovely party-ready look. Also included is the sunglasses , bangles and the shoes. Ready for a fun weekend!

Prism* Falbala is another phenomenal cocktail dress which has that wow factor and again the texture is so unique. This simple yet exotic scoop neckline dress will allow you to shine like the star that you are and you are sure to creates a sophisticated yet modern and beautiful touch. It also include the shoes.

Prism Wicca features a one-off design which comes in a sexy peep hole tube top and a flowing skirt with belt to accessorize. This is a perfect home outfit or something to wear to the beach. You are sure going to cause a lot of stare from the opposite sex and a fun excitement!

Pic 1
Clothing : Prism Blossoms by Journey in Geology
Skin:cStar - Olivia 01 - Satin SprayTan
Shoes : N-core COQUETTE
Bag : Ricielli Mesh TDR - Cowhide Tote Leather Bag // python
Lip Makeup :  blackLiquid MAKEUP - pink poison matte
Nails : F I N E S M I T H SOlid Nails - Teal 
Eyes : PeippoEyesEarth03
Pic 2
Clothing : **Prism** Sequoia by Journey in Key Largo
Skin:cStar - Olivia 01 - Satin SprayTan
Bag : Miamai_Mesh Traveller Bag SAKURA
Hair : Osmose - Marquise
Lip Makeup :  blackLiquid MAKEUP - pink poison matte
Nails : F I N E S M I T H SOlid Nails - Teal 
                                                              Eyes : PeippoEyesEarth03
Pic 3
Clothing :
Skin:cStar - Olivia 01 - Satin SprayTan
Jewelry : F I N E S M I T H - LET IT DROP 
Hair :3636-Kara
Eyes : Peippo
Pic 4
Clothing : **Prism** Wicca by Journey
Skin:cStar - Olivia 01 - Satin SprayTan
Earring : [ glow ] studio - Etno Earrings (Past TDR )
Bracelets : F I N E S M I T H
Feets : N-core FEET
Hair :  * Baiastice-Boop hair attachment

Poses : Body Talking & Miamai.

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  1. Thanks so much for using my eyes in this post. You do great work!

    1. you are most welcome Peippo and i do appreciate our work as well.. thanks


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