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[sYs] URBAN collection Plus 24hrs FLASH SALE

10:59 PMprazillo Lemon

...that [sYs] Design is out with the Urban collection and this definitely RAWKS!!!. Something totally different to spice your wardrobe and look different when you step out. You either like it simple and unique or you like it hot and spicy all depends on you. You got what you need at [sYs] Design. So hurry up and be Urbanized.

 Join [sYs] Design group and get this exceptional promotional offer on the  [sYs] ALTAIS Body - blue/black : -50%!! Be there when the sales begin and be assured to wear the group tag to buy.
Your discount percentage (in L$) will be refunded after purchase automatically.

Stay tuned to the [sYs] group for more information on the next Flash Sales .

Pic 1
Outfit :[sYs] BABYLON - dress (Vinyl gold)
Skin:[sYs] KELIS skin - pale (preview)
Eyes: PeippoEyesEarth
Hair:"LoQ Hair" Fruit Cake - Exclusive For TDRB
Nails :CCD - Long Nails + Ring - Magnifique - Bordeaux
Poses : [ 69 ] DIVA
Pic 2
Tops 1 :[sYs] HESIOD - Vinyl (silver/red)
Top 2:[sYs] ATLAS - Vinyl (silver/red )
Pants :[sYs] ATLAS - Vinyl (silver/red)
Shoes: TDR Blue Special - Flats MESH (green tea)
Backpack:  [sYs] TINY 6.0 - backpack (black)
Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah MedTan - Spring Breeze TDR
Hair: Exile Need You Now for the Dressing Room Blue
Poses: Del May

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring our eyes! Really good pictures again, I am a huge fan :)

    1. Peippo it is with great pleasure :-) and thanks so so much. Highly Appreciated


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