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Cstar Limited - Bermuda Skin Plus AnTi-Social - Bambie Slut Top

11:06 AMprazillo Lemon

...that weekend is here and lot of events are coming up for next week. ZombiePopcornBrand is starting soon and from Cstar Limited is the Bermuda Skin, this comes with a natural skin and purple eye shadows and it is available in 4 skin tones of Ivory,cream,Light and Peach. So ensure to make a date with cStar Limited - Bermuda - Ivory at the Zombie Popcorn event and it is for only Limited time only.

The sister company called AnTi-Social has a new clothing called the Bambie Slut top. When I set my eye to this shirt I was in Love, I love the curve of the hem  and in the shirt pocket the word "SLUT" is written on it and trust me the bigger the size the better. I am wearing the XL size and it feels so comfy and all too casual. I matched with the AnTi-Social - Galaxy Leggings  to get this perfect look to start off my weekend.  
Shirt comes in two different textures, galaxy and plain... Have fun...

Skin : cStar Limited - Bermuda Skin
Shirt : AnTi-Social - Bambie Slut Top
Leggings :AnTi-Social - Galaxy Leggings
Hair :MADesigns Hair ~ ALYS
Nails :F I N E S M I T H Nails- Golden
Bangles:TDRspecial Cool Bangles
Shoes : *Fishy Strawberry* Over The Mountain Boots - Burnt

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