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Fhang Candy is BACK and at the - ONE VOICE - EVENT !!!

4:01 PMprazillo Lemon

…that one of my most favorite skin shop in Second Life Fhang Candy is back !!! Did you all hear the good news? Fhang Candy is BACK!!!.
As an appetizer, Fhang Candy has released 3 NEW skins and 1 very familiar face in an exclusive make-up set! These skins are all exclusive to the One Voice event  for Curio Skins . Hurry over and go pick up these lovely skins  while we support and show our Love to Curio.

One Voice Skins:

The NEW arrivals, Katya, Mai and Darya include additional tattoo lip colors (Darya also includes a teeth option for those tattoo lip colors).
Landmark :  Fhang Candy @ ONE VOICE EVENT

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