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HOPE FOR EMILIA : Celestina Weddings, AIDORU and MODISH

11:35 PMprazillo Lemon

...that HOPE FOR EMILIA is a great cause to help the people of Italy and a lot of publication is all over Second Life. I love SL because when it comes to showing love we are always ready and the best part of it all is the designers always put in their bestest. This event Hope For Emilia is not an exception, lot and lot of designers are all out and all the designs are awesome. I will start with this phrase :  "Come put your money where it is most needed "

Celestina Weddings has this exclusive design which is a  glittering gown  called .:(CW):.Sony Elee Sab Gold which features a swoop neck that blend into the sparkling fitted bodice of the gown. The breathtaking skirt sweeps down in delicate breezy layers of material that flare out gracefully. I am also wearing the lovely grand soiree choker from AIDORU  which is also another great exclusive for this event. And not to forgive this exotic skin from MODISH  called  ::Modish:: Chepe - Naturals - Pale DK skins also available at Hope for Emilia.

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