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Classy Ruffle Masterpiece from G&T Creations !!!

8:55 PMprazillo Lemon

...that G&T CREATIONS brings another amazing and classy ruffle masterpiece called the G&T Flamenco Juanita. It comes with a lot of option to wear, either as a short sexy gown with the ruffle at the hemline or it can be worn the traditional way with the long ruffle skirt and ruffle sleeve.

The rosette hairpiece and the rosette at the necklace brings a playful dimension to the dress, while the full length ruffle gown is a combination of both lace and material textures which forms a floor brushing train and is waiting to create some drama on the dance floor.
This gorgeous dress come also with hair, hair veils, feather fan, necklace, bracelets, shoes etc.

The men are not left out in this gorgeous outfit called G&T Flamenco Don Juan to make any man look exotic and highly attractive.The ladies will be proud and love to stand by their men. The men outfit comes with lot of options as well. It include the hair, hat, ruffle sleeves, vest etc.   G&T Flamenco Juanita and Don Juan outfits come also in various gorgeous colours. Ensure to go check it out!

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