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COOK and EAT in Second Life with Le Bistro Kitchen !!!

3:12 PMprazillo Lemon

...that people usually ask us what can we do in Second Life and I normally answer "everything you can do in real life you can do in Second Life", but you know they always defeat me when they ask, can you eat and cook in Second Life and I like oh we have food ... but we don't cook.. But I just discovered yesterday that we can actually cook in Second Life and eat what we cook.. YAY!!!Thanks to LE BISTRO

I had the great and utmost privilege to meet the owner of LE BISTRO, Amera Pomilio and she was very nice and showed me her kitchen. She taught me how to make breakfast of scrambled egg, bacon and cut a slice of strawberry in world. I was really amazed because for the first time I saw a cooking pan with smoke (heat from pot ) and when breakfast was ready , it was served from the pan to the plate. Oh it was a lovely experience.

Good News is you don't need to buy a whole new kitchen, you can get some of the utilities and your food is ready!.

You can also see lot of great stuff  for your kitchen .Shown below is the kitchen for you to see and you can do a lot of things in your kitchen, you can wash the dishes in the sink with a running tap and the water drains off when you are done or you use the dish washer. You can eat something from the fridge , drink a cup of tea, put on the gas burner etc.

No more boring kitchen standing there for decoration. Now your kitchen can actually be busy in second Life while you cook for friends, your kids in the kitchen and even your special someone, and good tip you can actually learn how to cook from Second Life. YAY!!!

Watch the video below to see how interactive your kitchen can be and get busy with cooking and have fun while in second Life!.

Entire Kitchen :  Le Bistro - 4/01 Kitchen Set
Outfit : Ricielli Mesh TDR - Blair Jumpsuit // Magenta
Shoes: N-core ZEN 
Lip Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUP - teal twist matte
Skin: Glam Affair - Rosa Pale - Breeze
Hair : =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Mango" Blacks and White

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