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N-CORE ZEN - Bodaciously bold sandal !!!

8:56 AMprazillo Lemon

...that N-CORE is out with another jaw dropping heels called N-Core ZEN which comes with sleek leather and wooden curve heels that forms into a bodaciously bold sandals. This new heels is saturated with summery colours and the cross ankle straps inject a shot of shimmer into this architectural sandal balanced on a towering C-curve heel with amazing precision-cut platform.

You will must certainly love this one and between I am not taking these off my feet, I totally LOVE ZEN and it is an "IT" for anyone who want that bold statement. Get used to seeing ZOE more often now !!!.

HUD features:
- 12 Skin preset 
- Color palette and RGB values for easy and perfect skin match 
- Option to wear stockings & socks on the sculpted feet ( color palette & RGB values to match your own stockings ) 
- Memory slots to save your skin & stocking tones 
- 54 Nail Polish( french, color & fantasy ) (Compatible to match with N-core Manicure available at mainstore) 
- Color change for : Wood platform, metals, ring, interior and  24 Color change for shoe... 
- Heels sound on/off 
- Resize

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