22769 Casual Couture CStar Skin

22769 Casual Couture Here Again @ FaMESHed,The Summer Harvest Hunt,Steam 7 & Finding Fab Free Hunt !!!

4:43 PMprazillo Lemon

...that  22769 CASUAL COUTURE has been making and making and it is not just about the making.. it is the finished products that actually matters and I most say I am so so impress with how far they have come and their designs keep getting better and better, I love these new collections.

Good news , these items can be found at some ongoing events currently happening at Second Life, so time to go have some fun while you shop these gorgeous outfits.
First event is the one currently happening at FaMESHed, and this will run for the entire September and 22769 prepared a completely lovely outfit for the ladies and it comes with a sexy blouse which is available in six colors and also some flared jeans to wear it with . The flared jeans are available in three different pattern .. I love the patched one :-).
You can always mix and match !.
The website of FaMESHed can be found here: http://www.fameshed.com/

In the Hunt session at 22769 , The Summer Harvest Hunt is ongoing and this runs from September 1st through 21st September, so if you havent been there yet hurry cause you have only limited days left. The hunt items is a crafted Nneka Dress African harvest, I love this one because it is from my country. You will love it too because it is a sexy one and has lovely African textures /patterns. You will find more colors for this outfit at 22769 Casual Couture Mainstore.
For more on the Hunt check this Website: http://theegoco.wordpress.com/summer-harvest-hunt/
Hint : Hunters are looking for an acorn

Another Hunt  is the Steam 7 hunt and this also run for the entire month of September. An adventure boot for both male and female was designed and this is a non rigged mesh. Perfect for playing around For more on the Hunt check this Website: http://historicalhunts.blogspot.de/
Hint : Hunters are looking for a rusty cogwheel

Final Hunt detail for today is the Finding Fab Free Hunt , this started from September 6th and will run through till 30th September. Don't miss this one, the Maya dress was designed for this hunt and I love this one.. It fits perfect and it is my favorite color also :-) This hunt is to celebrate 5years of Fab Free and the item is just perfect and a great one at that.!
For more on the Hunt check this Website: http://fabfree.wordpress.com/
Hint : Hunters are looking for a "5"

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