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A Nod to Glamour and Sophistication with PRISM Ellia, Monica & Taylor Releases!!!

4:08 PMprazillo Lemon

...that from PRISM CLOTHING DESIGNS comes another awesome new collection, I had this collection for a while now but not been able to blog them well because of issues with my system. But today I am very excited to show of these lovely designs.
The first is called Ellia and it is my favorite, I don't normally enjoy long gowns in mesh but I am perfectly in love with this one. This elegant Ellia gown gives a nod to glamour and sophistication. The cinched  and contracting waistband gives you that gorgeous curve and flatter your figure. The open slit at the bodice and cross sleeve at the neck keep this style very fresh and modern. This is available in other exotic colors ensure to check them out!.

The next is Monica which features a strapless neckline and comes with waves of ruffles that enliven the cocktail dress.Catch the attention of the crowd as you sway in this ruffle cocktail dress.

For the last item which is a simple and elegant outfit , you are sure to feel feminine and flirtatious in this sleeveless top and  crop pants. I love the color contrast which add excitement and fun to this outfit. Perfect for casual and informal occasions.

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