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2:30 PMprazillo Lemon

The Trendy Template Design Contest has a winner - Khookie Loon and I had a chat with the winner so we all have an opportunity to get to know her.

Khookie Loon is the Winner of the Trendy Template Design Contest 2012 and this is a brief history about her. Khookie Loon is the Owner and Designer of Crazy Pastry Designs and Co-Owner and Designer also for Timelines Vintage Couture. She entered the contest as the designer of Crazy Pastry Designs. And below is the winning design.

prazillo Lemon :  Congratulation Khookie on winning the Trendy Template Design Contest, It was not an easy contest even for the judges but we are so proud of your design and congrats again for winning.
Khookie Loon : Thanks so much (smiling)
prazillo : Let start with my questions (smiling) What made you decide to participate in this contest?
Khooie  : I hadn't really planned to enter the contest. I was at the Trendy Template store buying something when Stella Gravois said "Hello, you are going to join the contest aren't you?" I thought why not have a try and see how I go.

prazillo : Do you have any prior experience with designing?
Khookie : I have been designing and creating for Crazy Pastry Designs for about 3 years now and Timeslines Vintage Couture for nearly 2 years. I've done alot of sewing in RL and have always had a love of fashion, especially historical fashion. I've taught myself how to use Photoshop and its been a steep learning curve.

prazillo : What inspired your design collection?
Khookie : I love how in SL we can be anything we want to be and we can dress to reflect that. I don't have a chance to wear beautiful ball gowns in RL so I enjoy creating and wearing them in SL.

prazillo : Did you find the work on the design challenging ?
Khookie : I found the making of the templates and the fine tuning of the elements, lace, shading etc to be a bit time consuming. Stella's skirt and ruffle generators made it incredibly easy to make the prim parts of the gown.

prazillo : What are your experience about the contest?
Khookie: I thought the contest was fun and it was very interesting to see what the other contestants submitted.

prazillo : After the submission period had ended, i like to ask this.. did you honestly think you will win this contest ?  and if so what made you so confidence that you will win?
Khookie: Oh my goodness, no! I never thought I would win. The other contestants had wonderful entries and I was absolutely stunned when I won.

prazillo : And did you feel  at any point that you have fail in some way and if yes please let us know why you think you had failed?
Khookie: Having a try at something is never a failure. I submitted my gown to be part of the fun. Winning was a very unexpected bonus.

prazillo : Since you are the winner for this contest, are there any other projects you would like to do now?
Khookie: I'm always trying to think up something new for both Crazy Pastry Designs and Timelines Vintage Couture. Winter is coming in the Northern Hemisphere so I will put my thinking cap on. (A little hard as it will be summer here in Australia - lol)

prazillo : Are you excited about the prices you were given and how is that going to impact your designing career afterward?
Khookie: I am very excited about my prizes. The L$ amount will probably be spent on fabric textures or perhaps new sculpty shoes to add to my designs. The gift card from Trendy Templates is fantastic. I've bought quite a few things from Stella and I eagerly await each new release she has. I do have my eye on a couple of generators and I'll be going on a little shopping trip soon.

prazillo : Do you have any word for the upcoming designers to learn from?
Khookie: All I can really say is to get to know your graphics program (photoshop, gimp or whatever) and make use of the great tutorials that you can find on the web. Stella Gravois' generators and kits make it so very easy to design wonderful outfits. But most of all give it a go and have FUN.

prazillo : Is there any thing else you will like to add or advise the publish about?
Khookie : Landmark to my inworld store and Marketplace link perhaps?

You can find Khookie Designs in the following link below, ensure to pay her a visit.

Crazy Pastry Designs
 LM :

Marketplace :

Timelines Main Store
 Timelines Vintage Couture Main  :

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