.::BeautyCode::. .::PiNK CHERRY::.

.::BeautyCode::. Lakisha skin Meets .::PiNK CHERRY::. Buttoned Vest top and Leggings!!!

3:56 PMprazillo Lemon

...that from .::BeautyCode::. & .::PiNK CHERRY::. comes another lovely new releases that you wont want to miss, so here it is . The .::BeautyCode::. Lakisha skin in Dark Tan is my perfect mix for the .::PiNK CHERRY::. Buttoned Vest top and Leggings.

Something simple and yet sexy and sophisticated is what meet this outfit and perfect for your casual wear!. The outfit is available in different exotic colors and also you get 10 different makeup for the Lakisha Skin tone.

Go try out the demo in store and sure have a smiling weekend with these gorgeous new releases!.

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