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Cstar Limited - Gatcha - Libra Skin, SWAG Fest - Madison Skin and Cstar Doll Eyes

2:49 PMprazillo Lemon

...that for the past weeks a lot of great deals available at CSTAR LIMITED, the Gathcha has a new skin and this time it is the Miss Libra skin :-) I especially love this one so much and it comes in a lot of different and gorgeous skin tones.  I am wearing the La Paloma tone and ensure to try the demo.

This week at the SWAG Fest , Cstar Limited is participating in this event and you will be presented with the Madison skin which comes with an exotic makeup option and perfect for those who like it very edgy. Check Cstar Limited Booth at the SWAG Fest and note this is available in Limited quantity so don't miss it .

For every good and gorgeous look, the eyes alway tell it all.. See the new Doll eye from Cstar Limited.. I have been wearing for weeks and haven't bothered to take them off.. The word for this is PERFECTION !!!!... There are all just perfect and it is available for 100L each. Go pick your favorite but trust it is going to a very difficult choice LOL because there are all so gorgeous !!!.

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  1. Can you advise where the hair is from on the cStar Miss Libra- LaPalmoma skin?

    1. The hair is from Vanity Hair: Dark Glam Event


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