BlackLiquid Designer's Wardrobe

...Made of Rats - blackLiquid OUTFIT - EXPLOITED DELUXE for CINQUE !!!

12:34 PMprazillo Lemon

...that for me Second Life is one of the best places to be.. has anyone ever worn a rat outfit? this can only happen here  in Second Life and it did be Fashion. One designer I Love is blackLiquid, able to make something out of nothing and it comes out jaw dropping. Like this outfit for Avenue Cinque. I am still in awe and the outfit is well coordinated, the detailing is gorgeous and I Love! Love !! Love !!! it so much. This is perfect outfit for Halloween.

All items are from blackliquid exclusive of the skin which is from AKERUKA called the Nora Vampyre skin available at The Dressing Room Blue.

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