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Tolerance is the only way to go - BlackLiquid Fuck Conventions Plus Smudged Makeup! !!

10:23 AMprazillo Lemon

...that I love the fact that in Second Life we not just only make it a game play all the time, we also try to reach out to our world and take a part in it even through this little channel we have. TOLERANCE IS THE ONLY WAY is an event about Homophobia and it is worth the attention if we want to live in a peaceful and happy world!!!.

Lot of designers are participating in this event, and available from BlackLiquid for Tolerance is the only Way is the blackLiquid MAKEUP  in  smudged magenta gloss  and lilac  as well as the blackLiquid OUTFIT - Fuck Conventions.

Let us join in the struggle for Tolerance and inclusion and help build a better world !
For more on Tolerance is the only way click here 

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