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22769 Casual Couture Advent Christmas Wonders !!!

1:20 AMprazillo Lemon

…that I am sorry I have been missing out the entire fun for the past weeks… I have been stuck with bad network connection and that has been totally my fault… because I went to do what I am not suppose to do and I couldn't remember what I did.

I got a lot of nice stuff from 22769 CASUAL COUTURE and I must admit it has been a lot of fun at the store with the Advent Christmas calendar which is past. Since the items are very lovely and one can start a home with the Christmas gifts, I have decided to torture you with some of the items that was available at the Advent Christmas calendar.You are all free to torture as well as strangle Paco and Manu to do some magic and you better be good at it LOL.

Outfits :
 22769 ~ (01 Dec) knitcap team naughty
22769 ~ (05 Dec) x-mas glasses (fir green)
22769 ~ (08 Dec) woolen mittens
22769 ~ (12 Dec) "It's so freaking cold" scarf
22769 ~ (16 Dec.) snowflake necklace
22769 ~ (21. Dec) cozy ear warmer
{MoYaz} Sonia Mesh Leggings - Cashmere collection Chocolate
AL Vulo !- Jade 2 * Exotic Voyage Olive Tdr Exclusive

Homes Items :
22769 ~ (02 Dec) Winterframes
22769 ~ (09 Dec) [bauwerk] rattan sitting bag (x-mas edition)
22769 ~ (13 Dec) Grannys Type Case
22769 ~ (14. Dec)X-Mas_socks
22769 ~ (15. Dec) [bauwerk] x-mas pillows
22769 ~ (17. Dec) [bauwerk] old stove
22769 ~ [bauwerk] stick together christmas tree
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Advent House 

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