22769 Casual Couture Bamboo Nails

22769 Casual Couture all new @ Cold Winter Night Hunts,Gallery Gift Shop and Group Gifts !!!

10:05 PMprazillo Lemon

...that 22769 CASUAL COUTURE is here again with lot of wonderful items for hunts, group gifts, the gallery shop and lots more. Will be showing some of the items and please ensure to check in the mainstore for more.
Majority of europe is all snowed up these past weeks :-) and for me this is the best time to be romantic and all cuddled up but too bad I am not snowed up.
For Second Life , we have The Cold Winter Nights Hunt currently ongoing ,started from 15 January through 15 February, and is organized by Prism Furniture. 22769 created a wonderful coat for this hunt and you will mostly love it... You feel very exotic, expensive and gorgeous all at same time.

For more info about the hunt check webpage: http://coldwinternightshunt.wordpress.com/

You will be searching for a snowflake and hunt price is 10L

22769 Casual Couture just recently launched their splitbrand [bauwerk] on the same sim and this is the place for mesh furniture and prefabs YAY!!! To celebrate this,they are giving away the Tree Book Shelf as a group gift.

With the new year, come another round of  Gallery Gift Shop - since it is getting chilly in Germany and to further appreciate the weather, a more comfy look with the high waist skirt and the knit tunic was created for this event and you will mostly look stylish.
P.S - These items can be sold as individual pieces at the GGS - and they are also trans so that people can gift it away.

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