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CSTAR'S BIGGEST SALE EVER! 50-80% OFF Almost Everything!!!

11:53 PMprazillo Lemon

cStar Limited is having one of their biggest ever sales in Second Life!!!  50-80% OFF Almost Everything!!!

cStar Limited will require each and everyone  support to make this SALES really RAWKS!!!. Ladies and Gentlemen takes take the fastest and available taxi down to Cstar Limited shop and makes this SALES the biggest ever.
The juicy part is ; Lipsticks and Tangos go for as low as $10 each.  Lots of skins as low as 200Ls, which was normally priced at 750Ls or 800Ls and a lot of other exciting items available.
Please let all show our supports .

A final message from Cstar Limited " I'll love you forever and ever and ever!  Thank you if you come support!"

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