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Street Style with [sYs] Mousy Pants & Lovely Mi Schoolized!

7:23 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I was engaged in a conversation with a friend who said I need to teach him how to work with  photoshop, actually I dont work in photoshop for heavy editing anymore.. It's more or less no time for me both in RL and SL so I always end up going to different locations in Second Life to take my photoshots and just use the screen mode in Photoshop to brighten it up a bit.

When I have more time I will start with learning my Photoshop again, at the moment I just try to make the photo as beautiful from in world so I don't have much work.

New from [sYs] Design is this mousy pants which is called Save the Queen, it is the perfect outfit for your street and edgy look. I really love this outfit because it makes me feel so much at home and very comfy. I have been to every Sim today wearing this and wont want to take it off. It is perfect with flip flop and no hair at all.. I feel so much lighter today LOL.

[sYs] MOUSYS baggy pants Mesh- Save the Queen!

New also from Lovely Mi is the schoolized makeup and this is available at Fashion Limited! The countdown is on so go pick yours before its all completely sold out !!.
Back to jumping and running from one Sim to another :-) 

Lovely Mi Schoolized!  - Fashion Limited

Pants:  [sYs] MOUSYS baggy Mesh - Save the Queen
Lovely Mi - Schoolized! 
Shoes : N-core BAREFEET Flat with Flip Flop
Tattoo : cStar Limited - Strange Aeons Tattoo - Fem
Tank Top : erratic / basics - racerback / dark black

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