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[sYs] Designs @ Shoetopia with ZOBIA, PUMPART and Sneakers !!!!

10:00 PMprazillo Lemon

...that Shoetopia is still very much on and another good news for us all is that [sYs] Designs is available for this event also yay!!. I am showing off their lovely shoes available for the event.

[sYs] ZORI which is a Japanese style mesh shoes is a lovely scandals, I had lot of fun styling wearing the kimono just to look like a proper Japanese but decided to provoke a friend by dressing this way, Japanese people do look sexy also :-).

[sYs] ZORI TABI shoes @shoetopia

Also at Shoetopia for [sYs] is the PUMPART heels, I love this one also because it is very colorful and has lovely pattern and styles.

[sYs] PUMPART@Shoetopia

Lastly is the [sYs] RIFT sneaker, which can be worn by both male and female (unisex).

[sYs] RIFT Sneaker Blue@Shoetopia

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