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Miss Fashion 2014 - Amarelo Manga - Elsa Schiaparelli

10:45 PMprazillo Lemon

Designer: Luana Barzane
DRESS: Amarelo Manga - Elsa Schiaparelli

This dress is inspired to Elsa Schiaparelli.
This dress takes inspiration from an existing creation, that is part of the latest collections of the brand Schiaparelli.
The desire to impress and be talked about has always attracted Elsa and her successors continue to create dresses that show feminine sensuality and that are extremely eye-catching.
This dress plays with sensual and deep necklines: the one in front discovers the breasts sliding along the belly, while the one on the back comes just above the buttocks, leaving the back entirely exposed.
The bright colors make the dress flashy and eye-catching.
The fabric plays with geometric scraps of cloth in different colors, that vaguely remember the works of the Netherlands painter Piet Mondrian.

It's been exclusively created for the Miss Fashion 2014 competition and it's sold in a special shop reserved to all the dresses shown in Miss Fashion, you will find it here:

More info about Miss Fashion 2014 is found here:

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