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“Lies written in ink cannot disguise facts written in blood.” — Lu Xun

3:01 PMprazillo Lemon

“Lies written in ink cannot disguise facts written in blood.” — Lu Xun

I'm drawn to the quote I used this week and it says a lot with just few words written.

Back to business, Prey newest release Tron is a very lovely piece which comes in a yellow stripe pants which is a perfect fit and I love the way it fit to my body and the black top is another hit though I had to alter my breast a bit, this outfit can be dressed in any form to create various looks. This is available for the Designer showcase which runs till 30th September .

I match the outfit with N-core latest heel called Miu available for kustom9 which runs till October 10th. I must admit have been wearing these heels all week without taking them off, it is just the perfect for any style and definitely an item to have in your wardrobes.

As a blogger sometimes I find it really difficult to get the exact poses I need for my blog and even when we have the option to edit using avimote and other options, still the poses don't seem to go the way we expect. I have an idea in mind for the blog spot I wanted to do and used the better part of yesterday looking for the poses in marketplace and in-world. I saw similar on the ZIPI pose marketplace store and decided to go in-world and give it a try , Lucky me I saw illargi owner of ZIPI pose in her store, very polite lady who asked me what I needed and I explained to her I was in search for a particular pose as she already had similar, she was very polite and offered to modify the poses for me.. I was so excited and when done it came out so beautiful and the way I wanted it ... Thanks so much illargi and I really appreciate so much your help.

Okay it Sunday and it going to be another long week coming.. Ensure to Love one another and always do the best you can.

Outfit : PREY - Tron @ Designer Showcase
Hair : Exile:: Little By LIttle (FLF)
Shoes: N-core MIU @ Kustom 9
Glasses: Glamistry: Sunglasses (past FLF)
Junk Piles, Chairs, desk etc- Razor Bird
Poses : ZIPI Poses

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